Triangle Open Call: Workshop

December 2, 2014

Salem Art Works - Triangle Two Week Workshop

Triangle is currently accepting applications for our 2 week intensive Artists’ Workshop. The Triangle Artists’ Workshop began in 1982 to bring 30 international and U.S.-based artists into the New York countryside to make art intensely together for two weeks straight. Artists work side-by-side, eat meals together, and tirelessly exchange ideas. The workshop is known for its intensity of dialogue, surprising experimental quality of work produced, and amazing community it generates. Read more about founder Anthony Caro’s vision for the very first workshop here.

Triangle’s 2015 Workshop will take place from August 23–September 6 at Salem Art Works in rural upstate New York. International and U.S.-based artists working in any medium or discipline may apply. Studio spaces with 24-hour access as well as two weeks’ shared accommodation and food are provided. Communal meals, visits from curators and critics, outings to nearby cultural institutions, and public events including open studios are organized.

UPDATE: Confirmed artists and critics who will be visitors to the 2015 Workshop include Willard Boepple, Michael Fried, Thomas Nozkowski, Joyce Robins, Mia Westerlund, and Karen Wilkin, with more to be announced.

Finalists are chosen by a jury of artists and curators. Ideal candidates show significant promise and dedication to their work and are at a moment in which a two-week intensive residency program and international community of artists will be particularly meaningful and transformative to their practice.

Participants are responsible for their own travel, visa and materials and may apply for limited need-based scholarships in order to assist with these costs. Triangle’s staff will work closely with accepted artists to suggest other outside funding opportunities they may be eligible for.

Since we’ve just confirmed a new, exciting lineup of visitors, we will extend the Workshop application deadline until February 15th at midnight (EST). All applicants will be notified of final decisions by April 5, 2015. Online application form is here


Studio 3 - Triangle Arts Association

Triangle is currently accepting applications for our 3-6 month Artist Residency Program in Brooklyn from June 2015–May 2016. We offer spacious studios and a dynamic artistic community to support the development of ambitious projects with emphasis on dialogue and experimentation. Our studios are located at 20 Jay Street in Brooklyn, New York.

Artists have the option to apply for a 3 or 6 month residency period:

3 months: June 1 2015 – August 31 2015
6 months: September 1 2015 – February 28 2016
6 months: December 1 2015 – May 31 2016
3 months: March 1 2016 –May 31 2016

Beyond workspace, regular gatherings, outings, public events, open studios, and visits from curators are organized. Administrative, curatorial, and peer support is provided for all participating artists. Unlike many other residency programs, Triangle does not emphasize professionalization or specific outcomes but rather allows artists space, context and community within which to focus on ideas, research and process.

International and US-based artists or collectives working in any medium or discipline may apply. Studio spaces with 24-hour access for periods of 3 or 6 months are available.

Finalists are chosen by a jury of artists and curators. Ideal candidates show significant promise and dedication to their work and are at a moment in which access to studio space and a supportive community in NYC will be particularly meaningful and transformative to their practice.

Through our open call program free studio space is provided and residents are responsible for housing, travel, visa, materials, etc. Triangle’s staff can assist accepted artists with recommendations for accommodation or suggestions of outside funding opportunities to apply for. All residents are expected to spend a minimum of 15 hours a week working in their studio.

Applications are due by January 15, 2015 at midnight (EST). All applicants will be notified of final decisions by March 5, 2015. Online application form is here.


Syntagma: Painting as Event

November 25, 2014


Syntagma: Painting as Event

Triangle curator-in-residence Natasha Marie Llorens embarks on a 6 month long research project:

A syntagma is an event within a larger narrative structure—a phenome, a word, a phrase, or a sentence. Syntagmata are studied in order to understand the process of language acquisition.

The curator is embarrassed by her lack of fluency, by her inattention to the tacit rules that govern painting as a medium, by her hasty evaluation of anachronism. It is better to ask, critically: how to discuss contemporary painting that is not simply marketable surface, ideal objet d’art, or macho-romantic art- dream made concrete? How is the language of painting acquired, performed, enacted as phenome or sentence within contemporary art’s narrative?

The painter hangs their work on the wall in the curator’s shared office/studio space at Triangle Arts Association; they compose a collection of images to be lived with and discussed. A series of open-to-the-public hangings and interpretive events takes place at Triangle every month from January 2014–May 2015.

Two kinds of syntagmatic events are proposed here: the durational experience of the curator with painting, day in, day out, and the performative experience of making the work’s logic public, somehow, for an evening.

Image Credit: Marley Freeman, And, 2014.


First event as part of Syntagma: Painting as Event

Marley Freeman // Associative Reading
Tuesday, December 2nd at 6pm

Artist Marley Freeman will hang a series of paintings on the wall, rotating them between positions until an order has settled. The movement of paintings will be open for discussion among those present, but the hang is also responsive to textual fragments from theorists, novels, dream narratives read out loud by curator Natasha Marie Llorens and others. When the hang is complete, the event will end. This is not an attempt to narrativize Freeman’s work; there is no story here. Rather, language is used as one way to produce a form of collective attention to the act of looking at, between, and among the collection of marks. Conversation will follow.

Marley Freeman is a dedicated painter, and has been showing in NY since 2011. “Painting is a manner of palimpsest, a battering of layers towards clarity- ‘object-ness.’ Brush as arbiter of form. My goals are in process. They devolve into a spirit of play and love of work.” Drawing on a history with textiles, Freeman’s work is a marginal type of abstraction born of a desire and pursuit of a new image.

Natasha Marie Llorens curates and writes and teaches. Her most recent project was “Prove It To Me,” at REVERSE Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 3.59.44 PM

Thursday November 6, 2014, from 6-9 pm
In conjunction with DUMBO First Thursday Art Walk
20 Jay Street, Suite 350, Brooklyn NY
Artists: Leopold van de Ven and Eozen Agopian

Come see painting, sculpture, collage, drawing and more on view in the studios of Leopold van de Ven (Netherlands) and Eozen Agopian (Greece), two current artists-in-residence at Triangle Arts Association. 

Leopold van de Ven’s practice makes visible the architectural and structural surroundings of our everyday environment. Applying a building-from-parts methodology, he creates mixed-media work using materials such as wood, cardboard, and papier-maché that result in sculptures, collages and spatial settings. Van de Ven brings together found materials, independent of their previous use, to layer them and lend them new meanings. His work has recently been shown in “Spring Exhibition” at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen in 2013, and he is an alum of the 2012 Triangle Artists’ Workshop in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Van de Ven is based in Boxtel, Netherlands.

Eozen Agopian creates visual parallels between rational and cosmological worlds through constructing and deconstructing, layering and erasing, scraping and marking, unraveling and reconnecting. She incorporates techniques of drawing, painting, sewing and weaving in her work. Using thread as a primary medium, Agopian relates her practice to modern scientific theories such as string theory—exploring the possibility that different particles in nature are made from tiny loops of string. Her most recent solo exhibition “Double Space” took place at Kaplanon Gallery in Athens, Greece in 2011, and she is an alum of the 2012 Triangle Artists’ Workshop in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Agopian is based in Athens, Greece.

image: Leopold van de Ven & Eozen Agopian, studio view, 2014



Natasha Marie Llorens is a writer and an independent curator based in New York. Recent curatorial projects include “Prove It To Me” at Reverse Gallery in Brooklyn and “Failing to Levitate,” co-curated with Kerry Downey, at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York City. She holds an MA from the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College and is a PhD candidate in the department of Art History and Institute for the Study of Comparative Literature at Columbia University. Her research is focused on violence and representation in art in the 20th century.

Read more about Natasha’s most recent project, “Prove it To Me,” here.

image: Al Capp, Prove to Me You Love me, silkscreen, 1974.



Triangle Arts Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 to support international and U.S. visual artists. Triangle’s core initiatives—Residencies, Workshops, and Educational Programs—focus on dialogue, experimentation, and the creation of community around art.

Triangle’s Trainee program is geared towards students with an art-related background and those interested in learning about the inner-workings of an international artist residency program. Trainees will gain first hand experience assisting artists, and will work closely with our staff on a variety of projects.

There will be opportunities to be in dialogue with all our artists-in-residence, visiting curators and critics, and to participate in group outtings to exhibitions and other cultural institutions. Triangle’s office and studios are located in the heart of Dumbo, one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant cultural districts and a hub of arts organizations and activities. Trainees are asked to commit to 15 hours a week, for a minimum of a 3 months. A modest stipend will be provided.

Triangle is currently seeking Trainees for two different roles inside the organization: 


Triangle’s Art Education Trainee will serve as a teacher and mentor working one-on-one with High School students participating in a unique learning program focused on contemporary art. Working closely with Triangle’s staff, the trainee will help create meaningful experiences for students, providing insight and background into what goes on inside an international artist residency program and more broadly contextualize what contemporary art is and how it functions inside the specific context of NYC. This is a great opportunity for someone with an educational background or strong interest in Art Education who wants to gain hands-on experience working closely with High School students inside a small, dynamic contemporary art institution.

  • Help create and implement contemporary art focused curriculum and activties appropriate for high school students
  • Work closely with students to facilitate meaningful learning experiences at Triangle and other cultural institutions throughout New York City
  • Work with Triangle’s artists-in-residence to engage students in art making activities and learn directly from artists in their studios
  • Help document learning activities for Triangle’s website and archive



Triangle’s Curatorial Trainee position is geared towards those with an educational background in art, curating, or art history. Working closely with Triangle’s staff, you will be involved in planning and carrying out two of our main initiatives: our year-round Residency Program in Brooklyn as well as our upcoming two-week intensive Triangle Artists’ Workshop. With our artists’ studios directly adjacent to our office, the intimate scale of our program allows the trainee to work closely with our staff, and engage directly with all our current artists-in-residence. You will work across a variety of programming, outreach, educational initiatives, and administrative tasks.

  • Help staff with communication, research and the day-to-day inner workings of an arts organization
  • Assist with curator visits, events and exhibitions
  • Help develop collaborative programs with other arts institutions
  • Support and assist resident artists with their projects
  • Document residency and workshop activities for Triangle’s website and archive



Please send a letter of interest and resume to Be sure to distinguish which trainee position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

image: Triangle installing for exhibition Performing Studio, 2014.


Jan Broz - SSSSSS (Saga & Sensuality) 2014, drawing and screenprint on archival paper (220 x 120cm each)

Triangle at DUMBO Arts Festival
September 26–28, 2014
20 Jay Street, Suites 318 & 350, Brooklyn NY
163 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn NY

Visit Triangle during DUMBO Arts Festival when more than 200,000 visitors gather in our neighborhood to experience the many artworks, studios, galleries and public art installations on view.

At 20 Jay Street you’ll have the chance to see what Triangle’s artists-in-residence have been working on inside their studios. Meet artists Eozen Agopian (Greece), Jan Brož (Czech Republic), Trokon Nagbe (Liberia/USA), Meredith Nickie (Canada/USA), Jakub Szczęsny (Poland), Leopold van de Ven (Netherlands) and the collective Global Crit Clinic to see works-in-process that span architecture, design, drawing, painting, pedagogy, photography, publications, sculpture and more.

At 163 Plymouth Street the exhibition Tamar Ettun: Performing Studio offers a unique glance at an artist’s work-in-progress as it unfolds. Throughout the month of September, 2012 Triangle Workshop alum Tamar Ettun will develop her Performing Stillness series—a formal investigation of the body and the visceral world. As the artist herself explains it: “this show is my studio as it is with NO MAKE UP, NO PHOTOSHOP, NO DRESSING UP, but sweaty, smelly, messy and colorful as it is on an everyday basis.”

Full schedule for Triangle’s Open Studios & Events:

Friday September 26 
6–9pm Open Studios (20 Jay St, Suites 318 & 350)
6–9pm Tamar Ettun: Performing Studio exhibition (163 Plymouth St)

Saturday September 27
12–6pm Open Studios (20 Jay St, Suites 318 & 350)
12–6pm Tamar Ettun: Performing Studio exhibition (163 Plymouth St)
2pm Artist Talk: Jakub Szczęsny (20 Jay St, Suite 318)
4pm Tour by curator Robin Reisenfeld (meet at 163 Plymouth St)
5pm Performance: Tamar Ettun (163 Plymouth St)

Sunday September 28
12–6pm Open Studios (20 Jay St, Suites 318 & 350)
12–6pm Tamar Ettun: Performing Studio exhibition (163 Plymouth St)
2pm Artist Talk: Meredith Nickie (20 Jay St, Suite 318)
4pm Screening: Trokon Nagbe (20 Jay St, Suite 318)
5pm Performance: Tamar Ettun (163 Plymouth St)

Image: Jan Brož, SSSSSS (Saga & Sensuality), 2014, drawings on archival paper, 220 x 120 cm each.


September Alumni Roundup

September 15, 2014

website_Big Bright Steel

Willard Boepple (Workshop ’87) John Clement (Workshop ’00) Jon Isherwood (Workshop ’95, ’98) John Monti (Workshop ’91) Marsha Pels (Workshop ’86) Karlis Rekevics (Residency ’04) Lee Tribe (Workshop ’89) and James Wolfe (Workshop ’93) have work at the Greenwood Gardens & Studio Monclair exhibition titled Art In Nature in Short Hills, NJ curated by Karen Wilkin (Triangle Board Vice-Chair) on view through November 2, 2014. Full details here.

Kate Elliot (Workshop ’12) has a solo exhibition in the project space of Storefront Ten Eyck in Brooklyn, NY on view through October 5, 2014. Full details here.

David Fratkin (Workshop ’97, Triangle Board Member) has a solo exhibition titled Apparitions on a Greyhound Bus in the project room of The Painting Center in New York, NY on view from September 30 through October 25, 2014. Full details here.

Ashley Hanson (Workshop ’93) has work in Falmouth Art Gallery‘s exhibition titled Brilliant Colour in Cornwall, United Kingdom on view from September 20 through November 22, 2014. Full details here.

Christopher Mahonski (Residency ’14) has work at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, NY for the Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition on view through March 22, 2015. Full details here.

Catherine Perehudoff (Workshop ’86) has a solo exhibition titled Atmospheric Perspective at The Gallery / art placement, inc. in Saskatoon, Canada on view through September 18, 2014. Full details here.

Jaume Plensa (Workshop ’87) has a solo exhibition titled 1004 Portraits celebrating the 10th anniversary of Millenium Park in Chicago, IL on view through December 2015. Full details here.

Jennifer Riley (Triangle Board Member) and Emily Kennerk have a permanent sculpture installation titled Big Bright Steel for Mercedes House in New York, NY on view at 550 West 54th Street.

Gamaliel Rodriguez (Workshop ’10) has a solo exhibition titled Landview at Walter Otero Contemporary Art in San Juan, Puerto Rico on view through October 15, 2014. Full details here.

Alun Williams (Workshop ’93, Triangle Board Chair) and Matt Blackwell (Residency ’02) have work in Pierogi’s Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition in Brooklyn, NY on view through October 5, 2014. Full details here.

Image: Jennifer Riley and Emily Kennerk, Big Bright Steel (detail), 2014, laser cut steel, paint, 60 x 8 x 8 feet.


ps_Ettun_Objects On Yellow (2)
Triangle at 163 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn
September 4–September 28, 2014
Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 12–5pm


OPENING RECEPTION on Thursday, September 4 from 6–9pm in conjunction with DUMBO First Thursday Art Walk

PERFORMANCES on Saturday & Sunday, September 27 & 28 from 5–6pm in conjunction with DUMBO Arts Festival

Triangle Arts Association invites artist Tamar Ettun to open up her studio space to the public as a hybrid workspace and exhibition. Throughout the month of September Ettun will continue to develop her Performing Stillness series—a formal investigation of the body and the visceral world. As the artist herself explains it: “this show is my studio as it is with NO MAKE UP, NO PHOTOSHOP, NO DRESSING UP, but sweaty, smelly, messy and colorful as it is on an everyday basis.”

“Performing Studio” uniquely allows an audience to examine up-close Ettun’s artistic process which entails breaking and assembling objects that wouldn’t normally be combined together, creating unique and transformed works that evoke abstracted narratives through their stillness. She sources discarded and familiar objects that have a specific functional use and reconstructs a new assemblage, stripping the original object of its meaning.

Ettun is an 2012 alumni of Triangle Art Association’s signature program—the Artists’ Workshop—founded in 1982 by artist Anthony Caro. The Workshop was conceived to bring artists out of solitary studio practice and into meaningful dialogue and exchange around art. “Performing Studio” continues Triangle’s more than 30-year commitment to generously supporting, rigorously rethinking and ultimately creating community around artistic production.

TAMAR ETTUN is a Brooklyn based multimedia artist from Jerusalem, Israel. Ettun received her MFA from Yale University in 2010, she studied at Cooper Union in 2007, while earning her BFA from Bezalel Academy. She is an alum of the 2012 Triangle Artists’ Workshop.

Ettun’s solo exhibitions and performances include: NADA NYC (2014) Braverman Gallery (2014) Indianapolis Museum of Art (2013) Performa 11 (2011) Andrea Meislin Gallery (2011) Performa 09 presented by the X-Initiative (2009).

Ettun has been honored by several organizations including MacDowell Fellowship, Pollock Krasner Foundation, Abrons Art Center, The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Art Production Fund, Socrates Sculpture Park, The World Performance Project, Artis, and RECESS. Ettun is currently working towards mastering the skill of opening a sardine can using only her teeth. For more information on Tamar Ettun, please visit

TRIANGLE ARTS ASSOCIATION is a non-profit arts organization that supports international and U.S. visual artists, encouraging dialogue and experimentation through residencies, workshops and public programs.

Special thanks to Abrons Art Center and Two Trees for their support. Thanks to Triangle’s Curatorial Trainees Madeleine Dahl and Elena Levi for their work on “Performing Studio.”

For all further information contact Laurel Ptak, Director & Curator, Triangle Arts Association:

Image: Tamar Ettun, Objects On Yellow, 2014, photograph, 30 x 30 inches, courtesy of the artist and Artis.


Triangle Arts Association is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Finnish Cultural Institute that begins this fall. Throughout 2014–15 we will host five artists-in-residence from Finland whose work interrogates aspects of architecture, fashion, installation, painting, participation, photography, public space, sculpture, technology and more. Working with the Finnish Cultural Institute allows Triangle to continue its vibrant 32-year history of supporting international artists to come to New York and inhabit our studios while they focus on process, dialogue, and experimentation. Congratulations to Elina AhoPia MännikköSandra NybergMinna Pöllänen Heidi Tikkawe look incredibly forward to welcoming you to Triangle.

ps_Minna Pöllänen, Observatory 1, 2012, Temporary site-specific structure, Montreal, Canada

Minna Pöllänen, “Observatory 1,” 2012, Temporary site-specific structure, Montreal, Canada

ps_Elina Aho, Plein-air paintings, 2013, Japanese watercolour on paper

Elina Aho, “Plein-air Paintings,” 2013, Japanese watercolour on paper

Heidi Tikka, Untitled Prototype, 2014, Knitted dress on mannequin displays, electronic parts, custom software, digital files

Heidi Tikka, “Untitled Prototype,” 2014, Knitted dress on mannequin display, electronic parts, custom software, digital files

ps_Pia Mannikko, Some People Knit, 2010, Masking tape, wood, concrete and metal

 Pia Männikkö, “Some People Knit,” 2010, Masking tape, wood, concrete and metal

ps_Sandra Nyberg, Heritage, 2013, Site-specific installation, Hill End, Australia

Sandra Nyberg, “Heritage,” 2013, Site-specific installation, Hill End, Australia