nowHere territories, August 4-25, 2011

Original Press Release:

Triangle Arts Association is pleased to present the work of current resident artists, Stephanie Beck, Jonggeon Lee and Caitlin Masley. Works include sculpture and drawing that present three perspectives surrounding the notions of architecture. The artists examine the domestic, public and private spaces that we inhabit– either physically or metaphysically– and our perception of the boundaries they represent and impose.

Beck’s intricate low-relief paper sculptures toe the line between the real and the imaginary by evolving organically from stored impressions of spacial memories and idealized landscapes that simultaneously entertain the forces of chaos and order.

Lee’s Bridge of Paradise an elegant engraving of a Persian Garden Carpet on reclaimed hardwood flooring from a demolished New England colonial-style home, denies the viewer a concrete understanding of time or place. The fissure created by the metaphoric collision of two very different cultures represented by their iconic architectural symbols challenges the viewer to envision a new context in which such an object could possibly exist.

Masley’s site specific sculptural wall drawing is an imposing four dimensional model of the fractured psychogeography in which we all exist concurrently presenting the geopolitical and emotional elements that inform our shared global landscape as presented through mass media.

Combined, these diverse works create a prismatic conversation which measures the tangible by way of the speculative and in turn incites the viewer to contemplate the “here and now” amidst the “nowhere”.

Install images: